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Схема работы АСУНО





  • Street lighting — cities, towns
  • Road lighting — highways, city streets
  • Coverage of different areas, facilities, military units, residential estates, petrol stations

Unilight functional

  • Centralized switching on and off of street lighting on schedule
  • Failure Alarm lighting network
  • Alarm on unauthorized connections to the network of lighting power
  • Accounting for electricity consumption
  • Individual control of each luminaire over the radio channel
  • Displays the status of each lamp on a city map (territory)
  • Dimming — gradual decrease / increase the power of lighting luminaires in groups and individually
  • In phase control lamps
  • Feedback from each luminaire

The advantages of using

  • Ease lighting network control — turning on and off lamps automated schedule
  • The accuracy of electricity metering
  • Ability to schedule energy costs and replacement lamps
  • Prompt reporting of faults
  • Prompt reporting of unauthorized connections
  • Easy and intuitive status display lighting network
  • Energy saving up to 60% through the use of:
    — Phase control lamps;
    — Dimming of luminaires (lighting power control);
    — Individual control of fixtures;
  • Planning the network operation budget by forecasting the failure of lamps and ballasts

Displays the network on the map


The package includes

  • Cloud software «Unilight» (can be deployed at the customer’s server)
  • Control cabinets (an average rate of 50 lamps on 1 wardrobe), complete with GSM communication module
  • Technical support, maintenance, installation, personnel training
  • Basic communication station
  • Transceivers for fixtures
  • Advanced functionality of server solutions with the display lamps on the map
  • Controlled electronic ballasts
  • HPS lamps, LED