The structure of the system

The Unilight system consists of remote objects (lighting control cabinets, lamps, dimming device), the central control room equipment (server, modem), and specialized software:

  1. Control post equipment
  • A server with one or more connected GSM modem and installed software.
  1. Equipment Remote Object

Wardrobe lighting control, which includes: electricity meter with digital output, magnetic actuators, a set of current transformers, overhead sensors (opening doors, etc.), automatic protection from short circuit;

  • lluminaire or lighting line;
  • light sensors;
  • dimming device.
  1. Software
  • Software Unilight, is made in the form of web applications.

Remote object equipment can work as a control instruction, like  on schedule. Instruction-work mode involves contactor control by supplying on them direct commands from Unilight software. The choice of method depends on the specific application. To send configuration or other commands, it is used the data transfer channel GSM/GPRS.

Scheduled Mode allows you to control contactors for a given algorithm. Dispatcher can set the schedule for the object or make a reference to the solar calendar. In the latter case, the contactor control algorithm is built on the calculation of time to enable or disable external lighting, depending on the time of year (the current date), latitude. Configuring the inclusion of an item of equipment for use in stand-alone mode is performed using Unilight software. If you change the sensor readings dispatcher is notified.