«IT Smart City» is a partner of leading Russian and foreign developers of solutions and equipment manufacturers in the sectors of lighting, lighting control, «smart city» technologies:

«The advanced self-service»

LLC. «Advanced Self-Service» (IT Group) — Russian developer of self-service systems for transport, retail, entertainment, industrial enterprises, banks and other industries.

Thanks to the developed expertise in software development, systems integration, and its own design office PSS successfully combines technology and intelligence in projects to develop systems for B2C and B2B formats.

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«Telekan» Company

«Telekan» the first Russian operator M2M telemetry. We build the Internet of Things (the IoT) based on M2M technology (machine to machine), setting himself the goal of further simplify the dialogue of man with machines, and machines to each other, combining in a single global network of various devices used in many industries.

Direction- development, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of accounting and economy of housing and communal services, security systems LPWAN devices and solutions, access control, call buttons taxis and emergency services, designed specifically for the garden and the adjacent territories, autonomous weather station and much more. Building a network of base stations in Russia and abroad. Forming a partnership network of developers and device manufacturers. Creating a partnership network of agents and dealers of equipment and solutions. Support for client and partner networks by offering consulting, financial and engineering services.

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