The unique software platform, on which it is possible to implement a package of services in the field of smart city and the Internet of things in addition to the lighting control (IoT).

Street lighting control system «Unilight» developed on a unique platform, which allows the road in a single information platform to implement solutions within the concept of «Smart Road», «Smart City» and the «Internet of Things». Unilight system allows you to:

  • Automatic and continuous maintenance of road and urban lighting in working order due to online monitor the network and the possibility of operational trouble-shooting, which is:
    • Traffic safety
    • The lack of penalties for non-burning lamps from the traffic police and other supervisory inspection bodies
    • Efficient and energy-saving lighting control danger zones on the road (pedestrian crossings, intersections, etc.).
  • Reducing the cost of street and road lighting to 50%
  • The emergence of new areas to create additional commercial, urban, road and industrial services, such as parking, fixing violations and others.
  • The increase of electricity supplies due to online network monitoring and operational Troubleshooting;
  • The resistance of the network as a whole by monitoring;
  • Notification of unauthorized electricity consumers.