For airports and railway stations

Every airport and railway station — is a complex multi-functional and multi-structural system of communications and services. In such places it is important that lighting will provide the conditions for effective work of each unit. Conventionally, the lighting, included in the structure of the Airport and the railway station can be divided into three types:

  • functional (internal and external)
  • security
  • decorative

Internal lighting ensures comfortable stay of passengers and staff. In connection with the finding on the subject of a large number of people the increased demands on security lighting (emergency). Exterior lighting consists of lighting of runways, taxiways and aprons. However, it is very important to create the most comfortable conditions for the stay of passengers that can be carried out in the airport or at the railway station quite a long time.

The company «IT Smart City» is ready to implement integrated solutions for lighting control systems at airports and railway stations, including analysis of lighting, calculation of economic effect from introduction of the system, partial or complete modernization of the network of lighting control and dimming.

Thanks to the use of «Unilight»:

  • Lighting costs decrease up to 50%;
  • The service life of the equipment increases;
  • Operating costs are Reduced;
  • There is the functioning of the «smart road»: smart pedestrian areas and crossings, SOS button, sensors, traffic, lighting, weather sensors.
  • Operational staff is performed about warning alarm and other events


«Unilight» system is designed on a unique software platform, on the basis of which it is possible to implement a package of services in the field of smart city and the Internet of things (IoT).

Such services include:

  • Smart lighting (wireless sensors turn on and off lights, control the energy consumption and misleading where the bulb burns out)
  • Sensors destruction of fences
  • Smart Parking (sensors detects the filling of the Parking areas and report illegal Parking. Drivers learn about the availability of Parking spaces and save time searching for Parking)
  • Garbage disposal (intelligent waste containers and urns misleading about the degree of filling and ignition of garbage)