For industrial lighting

Metering is one of the most important aspects of any industrial enterprise. Energy costs have traditional account for a large share of the costs in the production costs of most domestic enterprises. Therefore, the accurate accounting of electrical energy is extremely high. This applies to both company-consumers of electricity, and to generating, network and marketing enterprises.

Automated lighting control system «Unilight» has been well established in the organization of many large industrial sites projects. The company «IT Smart City» is ready to implement a complete solution for industrial lighting control systems, including an analysis of the lighting, the calculation of the economic effects of the introduction of the system, partial or complete modernization of the lighting system with the ability to control and dimming.

Thanks to the using of «Unilight» occurs:

  • Increasing the supply of electric power due to the online network monitoring and the possibility of operational trouble-shooting;
  • Ability to work with lighting equipment party;
  • Early personnel alert about emergency and other events;
  • Ability to schedule electricity consumption.



«Unilight» system is designed on a unique software platform, on the basis of which it is possible to implement a package of services in the field of smart city and the Internet of things in addition to the lighting control (IoT).

Such services may include:

  • Sensors destruction of fences
  • Garbage collection (smart garbage containers and urns reported cases and the degree of filling of fire)
  • Monitoring of municipal facilities
  • Alarm button