For parking

High-quality lighting of parking allows you to keep the property safe and sound, it helps  orient better in space, warns of an emergency. Specificity car washes also requires good lighting, which should operate in an area of ​​high humidity. The light should be bright enough, and at the same time not blinding to the staff were able to provide quality service. With the advent of indoor car parks, located mostly in hangars or underground rooms, there is a need in the comfort of light with low power consumption.

Intelligent lighting control system «Unilight» provides quality lighting parking lots. First of all it is:

  • Installation of modern equipment, which saves energy, has a long service life in any conditions, including at extremely low or high temperatures.
  • The exact placement of luminaries, firstly: to make the car park lighting more natural and comfortable, and secondly: to eliminate dark areas that an attacker can use.

Through the use of «Unilight» system:

  • There is a remote detection of malfunctions in the electrical and prompt removal;
  • It is possible to work with third-party lighting equipment;
  • The status of each lamp;
  • There is a flexible regulation of illumination of hazardous areas in the parking lot (pedestrian crossings, intersections, etc.).

«Unilight» system is designed on a unique software platform, on the basis of which it is possible to implement a package of services in the field of smart city and the Internet of things (IoT).

Parking garage of shopping center, underground interior

                        Parking garage of shopping center, underground interior

Such services may include:

  • Smart Parking (sensors detect the filling of parking areas and report illegal parking. Drivers learn about the availability of parking and save time searching for parking);
  • Intelligent Lighting;
  • Intelligent traffic signs;
  • Alarm button.