Unilight Software provides the following features:

  • Multi-user access via the Internet;
  • Display of the operational status of the outdoor lighting on the screen for each luminaire, or a group of lighting fixtures;
  • Display of the operational status on the mnemonic;
  • Display of the current state of the lighting control objects with the indication of all the necessary data (for example, the state of the input and output phase electricity meter readings, the current power consumption, schedule on-off lighting, voltage level, burning lamps, the state of the security alarm system, etc. );
  • Remote control outdoor lighting by team manager with the ability to send commands to a single object or group of objects;
  • Remote reference combustion schedule like every lamp like luminaire groups;
  • Remote time correction equipment;
  • Diagnostics, recording and logging of errors on the site, the generation of event logs;
  • Formation of accounting documents with the possibility of converting to MS Excel.