Road surface condition sensor

Sensor is used to control:

  • water layer thickness
  • water layer thickness
  • snow layer thickness
  • ice layer thickness

Measurements are taken continuously (24 hours a day), collected data is transmitted at certain intervals or by request.

Sensor is a compact module that is attached to the pillar at the height of 5 to 10 meters.

The data received is used to manage snow removal, anti-icing coating application and to determine whether cleaning is necessary. Warnings over road conditions can be displayed to drivers on special information panels. Using the data improves road safety and road maintenance quality, reduces maintenance costs and the number of complaints and fines.


The road condition monitoring system is a part of Unilight platform. One interface makes it possible to
use AOLCC, automated power metering system etc.

Archive data can be presented as a table or a graph. Reports can be downloaded in Excel, PDF and other formats.

 Metrological and technical characteristics

Road surface temperature Method pyrometer
Measurement range from -50°C to +70°C
Accuracy +0.8°C
Graduation 0.1 °C
Anti-icing coating density on the road Measurement range, % 0-23
Percentage of ice in snow and ice mixture Measurement range, % 0-100
Road condition Dry, wet, mud, snow, ice, snow and ice, chemical reagents presence
Adhesion/friction Measurement range 0:1 (slippery:dry)
Layer thickness Water/snow/ice
Method optical
Measurement range water: 0…10mm
ice: 0…10mm
snow: 0…20mm(DSPD-M, snow:0…12m)
Graduation 0.01 mm
Technical characteristics Size, mm 227х60х98
Weight 1.5 kg
Accelerometer Included, it’s possible to determine pillar vibrations and changes in the sensor position (if it is necessary to recalibrate it)
Vibration graduation 0.001g
Angle graduation 0.1º
Operating conditions Supply voltage 7-35/PoE(42-60V)
Power consumption 5W
Working temperature range — 50ºС to + 70 ºС
Protection type IP65
External interfaces RS485, EthernetPoE
Remote software updates Possible through Ethernet
Device to facilitate surface targeting Laser, a bright green dot on the surface