Smart facility

Hardware-software system of smart services for an industrial facility

System set:

  • Lighting control
  • Video analysis system
  • Environment monitoring
  • Equipment performance monitoring
  • Transport location and performance monitoring

 Unilight Industrial advantages

1. Budget savings of up to 70%

  • Smart power consumption, maintenance cost reduce

2. Adaptable management

  • Various lighting control modes and work patterns

3. Budget solution

  • Wireless technology (Lora, GSM, NB-IoT)
  • Minimum costs and time to implement the system
  • One Unilight Industrial module is able to individually control up to 64 lights

4. Local and remote access

A local control center on a site that is independent of an Internet connection
Remote (cloud) access for any authorized client

5. Internet of Things

Based on the Internet of Things concept, Unilight Industrial hardware-software system may connect switches, sensors, fans, shutters, etc. into one system