Inventory module

The inventory module allows you to always have detailed information on each lamp, support, entire power line or control Cabinet at hand. The solution will help to predict the depreciation of equipment and monitor the terms of warranty and maintenance.

Main functions of the system

  • Quick access to inventory results in the form of reports and from the city map
  • Creating a support scheme for lighting lines
  • Uploading photos and passports of installed equipment
  • Entering the main technical characteristics of outdoor lighting objects:




Система управления

Advantages of the solution

  • Monitoring of the city’s technical policy in the field of outdoor lighting
  • The forecast depreciation of equipment
  • Providing data for the optimization of networks of external lighting
  • Availability of a tool for making informed decisions

«Digital twin»
of lighting networks

Monitoring the activities
of service organizations

of unaccounted equipment

Features of the inventory Module system»

Detailed information on each support
Tracking warranty and maintenance periodsО
Detailed information for each power line
Quick access to instructions and equipment passport
Detailed information on each lamp
Detailed information for each control Cabinet

Drawing of all outdoor lighting lines with indication of supports, lamps, transformer substations and lighting control cabinets