Intelligent software and hardware complex «Unilight», which allows monitoring and managing various areas of housing, energy, security, industry and transport within a single information platform, combining the data obtained and creating algorithms for adaptive management of urban and industrial infrastructure.

The Unilight software is included in the register of the Russian software

Smart crosswalk

  • Interactive diagram of a intelligent pedestrian crosswalk with all elements displayed and pedestrian animation
  • Ability to create a monitoring system for all smart pedestrian crossings in the city
  • Indication of the counter of passing pedestrians and passing cars
  • Notifications in case of equipment failure
  • Notifications in case of an accident

Smart lighting

The software is able to manage various communication technologies (NB-IoT/ LoRa /GSM), and is able to integrate hardware solutions for managing street lighting from different vendors. In addition, the system can connect and control other sensors and actuators with an open Protocol, thus transforming the AOLCS «Unilight» infrastructure into the «SMART CITY» platform.

  • Automatic street lighting control (on / off and brightness control)
  • Multi-user access via the Internet
  • Displays the current state of objects with all necessary data (input and output phases, electricity meter readings, current power consumption, lighting on / off schedule, voltage level, lamp Gorenje, alarm status, etc.)
  • Remote control of outdoor lighting at the command of the dispatcher with the ability to transmit commands to a single object or a group of objects
  • Remote control of the work schedule for each lamp and a group of lamps
  • Diagnostics, registration and logging of errors on the object, forming event logs
  • Generating reporting documents that can be converted to MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, CSV, and graphical display of General system parameters and performance statistics
  • Advanced data Analytics, reporting tools, and performance charts with detailed filtering capabilities (lamp time reports, energy saving reports, lighting status reports, and so on)
  • Multilingual interface

Smart waste bins

The intuitive interface of the controller. Displaying the fill level of containers, in individual and group performance, in the form of text and diagrams.

A map showing trash cans and their level of occupancy. System allows you to monitor the operation of garbage trucks and sends notifications if the level of occupancy reaches the limit.

Chart occupancy rate of the tanks. The storage depth is not limited. Reports in tabular and graphical form are available for the accumulated data — Excel, PDF, CSV, JPG, PNG.