Smart meters

Automated metering system remotely collects accurate data on resources consumption and informs of any kind of malfunctions

 Main functions

  • Transmits real-time meter data on resources consumption to the main server through LoRa base station
  • Gives access to data to workstations through the web interface without the need to install client software
  • Analyzes received data to detect emergencies on time
  • Makes reports on meter data
  • Device mapping with detailed information on meter’s type, its condition and date of inspection

 System advantages

  • easy to install
  • ready and functional software meant for centralized data collection
  • wide range of supported meters
  • flexible system structure
  • automated power metering and control system certificate
  • additional sensors may be connected: leakage sensor, fire alarm, presence detector etc.

 LoRa base station

Connects to meters, receives feedback and transmits data to Unilight local server with working range of 5-15 km, high noise immunity and low power consumption.