Smart boiler room

Automated boiler room monitoring system for remote control, equipment monitoring and system nodes diagnostics.

Smart boiler room

Application of the «Unilight» hardware and software platform» for heating and industrial boilers with automated gas and liquid fuel burners, it allows:

To create comfortable conditions in the heated rooms
To provide the highest possible energy savings
Warn about possible violations and accidents
To reduce the cost of maintenance of equipment
Increase the service life of the equipment
Have quick access to remote control

Monitoring and management capabilities

  • setting the water supply temperature
    at the dispatcher’s command
  • automatic control of water supply temperature depending on weather conditions
  • support for managing boiler cascades automatic change of the leading boiler in the cascade by operating time
  • dispatching via RS-485 (Modbus)
  • water pressure
  • gas pressure
  • performance of each burner
  • fire alarm
  • gas contamination
  • breaking

One platform

Enabling additional services based on the «Unilight» platform»:

  • leak monitoring
  • perimeter protection
  • video surveillance
  • power supply monitoring
  • lighting control
  • meteo and eco — monitoring


Control all parameters using interactive mnemonic diagrams in a simple web interface.

Customizable reports that can be uploaded to various formats.

Role system for differentiating access rights between users.