Smart pole

Intellectual hardware-software system of smart devices that is able to monitor and manage traffic, unite received data and generate adaptive management algorithms for transport infrastructure all in one system.

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 System advantages

  • Management and monitoring may be comfortably carried out using only one window
  • Effective and energy efficient regulation of danger zones lighting (crosswalks, crossroads etc.)
  • Smart Road additional services: smart traffic lights, smart crosswalks, SOS buttons, traffic and illuminance sensors, ecological monitoring, transport telematics)
  • No fines for out-of-service lighting from road safety inspectorate and other inspection bodies

Installation of a smart
device complex
on outdoor lighting poles

Wireless management
of all services over channels

Creation of a single
situation control
and monitoring center

Transport telematics
and Analytics

Eco and weather monitoring
of the environment

Road safety monitoring

Smart Pole №1

Smart Pole №2

Smart Pole №3


  • Transport hub
  • Public Wi-Fi
  • Video analysis of passenger traffic
  • Information board
  • Charging for mobile devices
  • Speaker for the notification system
  • Meteorological station
  • Parks
  • Intelligent lighting
  • Public Wi-Fi
  • Charging for scooters and mobile devices
  • Speaker for the notification system and music
  • Calling emergency services
  • Gas analyzer
  • Highways
  • Traffic control
  • Monitoring of the condition of the roadway
  • Collecting weather data
  • Emergency call
  • Parkings
  • Parking space monitoring
  • Charging for electric vehicles
  • Cleanliness control
  • Payment terminal

Installation example

Sports facility

Squares, shopping centers

Streets, Shopping areas

Russia — Novosibirsk: parks, squares