Smart pole

Intellectual hardware-software system of smart devices that is able to monitor and manage traffic, unite received data and generate adaptive management algorithms for transport infrastructure all in one system.

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 System advantages

  • Management and monitoring may be comfortably carried out using only one window
  • Effective and energy efficient regulation of danger zones lighting (crosswalks, crossroads etc.)
  • Smart Road additional services: smart traffic lights, smart crosswalks, SOS buttons, traffic and illuminance sensors, ecological monitoring, transport telematics)
  • No fines for out-of-service lighting from road safety inspectorate and other inspection bodies

 Smart pillar delivery set


 Road condition sensor

Remote road surface condition sensor controls:

  • road surface temperature
  • water layer thickness
  • snow layer thickness
  • ice layer thickness

Measurements are taken continuously (24 hours a day), collected data is transmitted at certain intervals or by request.


 Video analysis camera

Automated data collecting system on the base of video streaming.

System capacity:

  • Remote traffic monitoring and analysis, data transmission to the control centre (video storage and replay)
  • Ensuring security and order
  • Control over maintenance works
  • Automatic changes in road lighting level depending on changes in traffic density
  • Precise camera angle setup, the camera is able to zoom in and out


 Weather station

Russian-made weather station is a small and light multi-sensor device that measures the following meteorological parameters:

  • air humidity and temperature
  • wind speed and direction
  • atmospheric pressure
  • precipitation
  • air pollutants concentration