Individual solution for managing outdoor lighting around your place

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    • Minimal costs for installation of equipment
    • Remote control of the lamp at any time
    • Individual configuration of each lamp
    • Access to the lamp via the smartphone app

    of a smart device complex
    on outdoor lighting poles

    Wireless control of services
    through the channels

    Creation of a single
    situation control
    and monitoring center

    3 steps to start

    • Determine the installation point of the lamp and connect it to the network
    • Choose the type of service: one-time or permanent
    • Install the app on your smartphone or tablet


Garage lighting

You can turn on external lighting near the garage in advance, which will make the entrance to the house more convenient and safe.

The dimming level can be adjusted depending on natural light, weather conditions, and personal needs.


Custom courtyard lighting allows you to control the state of the outdoor lighting networks, to organize the accounting of the electric power and to carry out diagnostics of equipment.

The interactive map in the app makes it easy to navigate and allows you to quickly respond to events.

  • Automation of outdoor lighting in a suburban area will allow you to replace outdated switches with a convenient and simple application for a smartphone or tablet.
  • At any distance from the house, you can adjust all the lighting: turn on / off the light or adjust its brightness level through the app.
  • The lighting control system allows you to set the schedule so that the lights turn on and off automatically, for example, depending on the time of day.