Smart substation

This automated system is used for power metering and power quality and consumption monitoring on transformer substations.

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Data on the equipment’s condition is transmitted on a 24-hour basis to the control centre, where a manager monitors the equipment’s condition and takes timely actions in case of malfunctions.

The system significantly reduces maintenance, replacements and staff costs.


  • Unauthorised connection
  • Power outage
  • Power consumption
  • Power quality
  • Equipment failure
  • Metering data
  • Temperature in a facility
  • Smoke
  • Manager’s actions

 Equipment set

 Unilight controller

Data on the condition of a substation’s components is transmitted through wireless channels: GSM, LORA. Can be easily connected to the existing substations. Technical characteristics:

  • 27 discrete inputs
  • Two RS-485 interfaces
  • Built-in GSM modem, 3G support, dual-SIM
  • Remote software updates
  • Remote relay control

 Additional discrete input/output modules

The modules’ purpose is to increase the number of channels for sending and receiving data, as well as control signals being transmitted to RS-485 network.

The modules increase the number of discrete inputs and outputs managed by one Unilight logic controller and this easily scale the substation monitoring system.