Smart residential quarter

The solution is designed to implement advanced technologies in existing buildings to improve the quality of life, ensure comfort and safety, and optimize the costs of the city and residents.

UNILIGHT services for residential areas

Smart lighting

Intelligent control

  • Control of outdoor lighting lines according to schedule
    or Manager commands
  • Individual and group dimming
  • Adaptation of lighting to weather conditions and the movement of people and transport in the yard
  • Individual illumination to the resident’s house

Control and monitoring

  • Monitoring the performance of the control cabinet and each lamp
  • Displaying all objects on the map
  • Creating a «digital double» of a quarter with an inventory of all installed equipment
  • The alarm system of malfunctions and unauthorized
    connection to lighting network

Energy savings of up to 40%!

Smart pole

  • Public Wi-Fi
  • Video surveillance and video Analytics
  • Charging for scooters and electric veh
  • Speaker for notification system and mu
  • Parking space monitoring
  • Cleanliness control and notification of cleaning services
  • Advanced technology in one beautiful support
  • Easy and fast installation


Smart crosswalk

When a pedestrian is detected by one of the sensors, warning elements are activated that warn the driver to slow down and be more careful.

Smart meters

  • Indication of electricity meter readings
  • Data storage for an unlimited period of time
  • Generating reports on energy consumption
  • Transmitting data from counters to the operator’s personal account
  • Uploading to information systems

Smart trash bins

  • Automated control system for solid waste removal
  • Monitors the filling of garbage bins and monitors the visits of garbage trucks to container sites

Smart substation

Display options

  • Unauthorized connection
  • Power outage
  • Power consumption
  • Quality of electrical energy
  • Equipment malfunction
  • Data from metering devices
  • The temperature in the room
  • Smoke blanketing
  • Smoke blanketing
Lighting master controller Unilight
Additional discrete I / o modules

Smart boiler room

It is used in heating and production boilers with automated gas and liquid fuel burners.

  • Creates comfortable conditions in heated rooms
  • Provides the maximum possible energy savings
  • Warns of possible violations and accidents
  • Reduces the cost of maintenance of equipment
  • Increase the service life of equipment