Kostanay, Kazakhstan

Outdoor lighting upgrade, power savings

Object: Main road to the airport
Year of implementation: 2017-2018
Applied solution: Automated outdoor lighting control system
Installed: 30 outdoor lighting control cabinets, 500 lights

  Project summary

  • Year of implementation: 2017-2018
  • Object: Main road to the airport
  • Installed: 30 UNILIGHT outdoor lighting control cabinets
  • Installed: 500 Nema GSM module controlled lights with feedback, individual control and dimming functions


  • Power consumption due to lighting upgrade reduced by 35%, average illuminance improvement by 30-40%
  • Further lighting control power savings – 25% (due to dimming)
  • Each light and its status is automatically shown on the map because of the GPS/GLONASS module
  • Maintenance costs reduction up to 50% due to power lines and each light condition monitoring
  • Integrating with cameras, meteorological and ecological sensors, road condition sensors (project in progress as a part of UNILIGHT system)