Oryol, Russia

Up to 30% power cost reduction

Year of implementation: 2016
Applied solution: Automated outdoor lighting control system
Installed: 154 outdoor lighting control cabinets, 11 000 lights

 Project summary

  • Implemented as part of a joint energy service contract with PAO Rostelecom in 2016.
  • 154 UNILIGHT outdoor lighting control cabinets were set
  • Outdoor lighting control automated system was installed
  • Total number of lights controlled by the outdoor lighting control automated system: 11 000


  • Automatic system activation and deactivation depending on daylight duration with an activity chart
  • Outdoor lighting control automated system defined the cascade where errors in lighting or power supply functioning were possible, and formed a statistics data set on the errors in lighting network.
  • Lines phase control (lighting partial deactivation at night, power savings up to 30%)
  • Maintenance costs reduction up to 50% due to remote monitoring of the network condition
  • Power lines display in an interactive map