Tyumen, Russia

Outdoor lighting upgrade, quality of life indicators improvement

Object: Ring road
Year of implementation: 2017-2018
Applied solution: Automated outdoor lighting control system
Installed: approximately 1 000 lighting control modules

 Project summary

Tyumen has been ranked first among Russian cities with the highest quality of life for a few years in a row. Having conducted surveys and calculated multiple indicators, sociologists have concluded that satisfaction with housing and utilities services and good roads condition influence citizens’ quality of life evaluation the most.


  • Automatic monitoring of changes in power load in various sections of power networks, as well as functionality of power equipment and each individual light.
  • Road lighting may be additionally adjusted depending on traffic intensity.
  • Power savings up to 50% by dimming (lighting brightness regulation from 0 to 100%), number of maintenance crews detours reduction, longer lamp service life
  • Multi-level wide-area control centers network may be organized to control and manage multiple objects.
  • The system may be expanded and scaled.

New and existing Smart City devices may be later put on lighting pillars (sensors, cameras, weather stations etc.) and additional services may be implemented: eco and meteorological monitoring, road surface condition evaluation (e.g. prompt dispatch of snow removal equipment), video analysis (e.g.making of additional commercial services)